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QUESTS-MIDA is a joint project between UNDP and IOM that uses skills and expertise from qualified Somali expatriates from the diaspora and provides opportunities for applying those skills for the benefit and development of Somalia.

The number of Somalis living in the diaspora has increased in size, geographical scope, professionalism and influence in the last decades. It is estimated that about one million Somalis are living abroad. QUESTS-MIDA wishes to tap into this pool of knowledge in order to assist institutional development and capacity-building of beneficiary institutions in Somalia

QUESTS-MIDA is part of the Somali Institutional Development Project (SIDP) and builds upon UNDP Somalia’s previous QUESTS project . Also, this partnership makes use of IOM’s rich experience in Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA)

QUESTS-MIDA’s objective is to offer qualified Somali expatriates the opportunity to play a role in the development of their homeland through short-term capacity-building missions.

Who is eligible to participate in QUESTS-MIDA?

Qualified Somali Expatriates
Eligibility will focus on qualifications that match the criteria per specific QUESTS-MIDA assignments such as:

  • Documented evidence of living abroad with legal residency or nationality status outside Somalia, including proof of right-of-return to the same country. (Neither UNDP nor IOM will be responsible for the status determination process);
  • University degree (Bachelor’s, Masters, PhD);
  • Relevant work experience;
  • At least 25 years of age (there may not be an upper age limit, but a medical certificate will be required);
  • Somali-language proficient, as well as English;
  • Ability to work in partnerships and adjust to difficult living conditions;
  • Genuine interest and commitment to the development of Somalia and a willingness to share skills, knowledge and experience.

JUNIOR Applicant

  • Minimum five years of relevant working experience in a professional area;

MID LEVEL Applicant

  • Minimum eight years of relevant working experience in a professional area.

SENIOR Applicant

  • Minimum ten years of relevant working experience in a professional area
Qualified Somali women in the diaspora are encouraged to apply to vacancies and participate in the project.

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