Saturday, April 23, 2011

Climbing Hills To Communicate

It is usually a laughable joke in many parts of Kenya to tell someone to climb a mountain if they are experiencing network problems while communicating on mobile phones. In Dukana, in Marsabit North district however, that would not sound funny to anyone, because hill tops are the only places to find network. Sylvia Chebet was in the area and climbed one of the tallest hills with the residents searching for the fickle network. This story impressed the judges at the CNN African Journalist of the Year Awards 2011. Citizen TV's reporter Sylvia Chebet and cameraman Kimani Githae were among the finalists for filing the report on the troubles the people of Dukana in Marsabit County who were going through some time last year just to make a call on their cellphones. After the story was aired 3 months later Safaricom one of Kenya's leading mobile network providers installed their network there. The competition received over 1200 entries from 42 countries in Africa. The winners will be announced on 25th June in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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