Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Athgo International Youth Climate Change and Constructive Entrepreneurship Global Forum 2011

The Global Innovation Forums bring together young people from around the world to facilitate outcome-oriented discussions with international decision-makers, corporate executives, diplomats, and area experts leading to constructive enterprise concepts. Leadership is challenged with unique and often surprising new takes on global issues while young entrepreneurs gain practical insights into policy realities, business parameters, and procedural requirements that enhance the viability of start-up ventures.

  • The forums introduce:
    • Entrepreneurship
      • Essentials – process and the four pillars/capitals (intellectual, financial, networking, and inner)
      • Types (classic, social, and constructive)
    • Innovation
      • Essentials (thought process, necessary conditions, etc.)
      • Types (continuous and transformational)
    • The role of information communication technology (ICT) and sustainable energy sources in addressing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
  • The forums innovate commercially viable constructive enterprise concepts
    • Group induced
    • Individually designed

Climate Change and Constructive Entrepreneurship

Fourth Annual Global Forum
World Bank Headquarters, Washington D.C.
August 10-12, 2011
In Partnership with The World Bank, Speaker's Bureau

Read more here http://www.athgo.org

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