Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fatuma Noor -Telling Stories That Need To Be Told

Fatuma Noor is a 24 years old Kenyan journalist with Star newspaper and the 2011 CNN African Journalist of the Year. Noor won the award for her investigative three-part series on the Al-Shabaab. It was chosen from the 1407 entries from 42 nations across Africa. The series tells the story of the young men who give up their freedom abroad to return and fight for the Al-Shabaab in one of the world’s most dangerous places on earth – Somalia. Read the first part of Fatuma's award winning feature.

Fatuma Noor is also the recipient of the David Astor Journalism Awards, a UK-registered charity working to promote independent journalism in Africa. As winner of the award, Noor served as a David Astor Journalism Fellow in England and had the opportunity to hone her journalist skills at both the renowned Independent and Guardian newspapers.

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