Saturday, February 19, 2011

Connecting Small & Medium-sized Enterprises with Investors MYC4 Way

MYC4 is an online marketplace that connects people from all over the world – just like you and me – with African entrepreneurs, who lack capital to develop their businesses. With the Internet as infrastructure, MYC4 bridges the gap between people with needs and people with means.

How it Works
The MYC4 marketplace is built around a network of local Providers, who screen the businesses looking for a loan, and local MYC4 Administrators, who handle financial transactions. All businesses go through a thorough investigation process to make sure they provide healthy economic prospects for growth. This due diligence process includes for instance a background check of the business, track record and whether the business is involved in anything that conflicts with MYC4’s values and Code of Conduct. This process ensures that the businesses are solid and have good prospects in terms of sustainability, repayment and return on investment.

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