Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting it Right from the Start-Priorities for Action in the New Republic of South Sudan

Amidst jubilant celebration, the new Republic of South Sudan entered the international stage in July 2011 albeit as one of the least developed countries in the world. The challenges and opportunities are enormous, and donors, the government, implementing agencies and most importantly the people of South Sudan have a lot at stake – but much more to gain. This paper presents ten areas for action based on the experience of NGOs operating in South Sudan and lessons learnt during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement interim period. Donors must prioritise them in the first years of the country‟s independence so as to ensure the best possible results for the people of South Sudan.

1. Balance development assistance with continued support for emergency humanitarian needs
2. Understand conflict dynamics.
3. Involve communities and strengthen civil society.
4. Ensure an equitable distribution of assistance.
5. Prioritise the most vulnerable and ensure social protection.
6. Promote pro-poor, sustainable livelihoods.
7. Strengthen government capacity, from the bottom up.
8. Allow sufficient time for transition towards government management of international aid.
9. Provide timely, predictable funds.
10. Ensure integrated programming.

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