Saturday, July 23, 2011

21st Century Exodus- Famine in Somalia

"A stitch in time saves nine"

This old saying best describes the situation currently plaguing Somalia as we read and watch the unfortunate events unfold through the multitude of media sources covering the events.

The drought and instability in Somalia is nothing new. For those interested and have been following the events unveiling within the Horn of Africa are well familiar with this reality. Given that the situation has exacerbated itself to this level, is a sad constant reminder of the inaction by the Somalis both local and in the diaspora and the international community to actively seek better solutions and address the stalemate within this region. Pro-active engagement usually yields very little positive outcomes as they are often rushed and not well thought out.

The U.N. estimates that tens of thousands of Somalis have already died of malnutrition and warns a rapid increase in aid is needed to prevent the widespread loss of life. The notorious Al Shabaab which controls South Central Somalia continue to serve as a bottle neck to the much needed relief humanitarian efforts. They have accused the foreign donor aid groups for acting as spies and have banned many of them from operating within Somali. Few like UNICEF have had some success in delivering relief items inside Somalia, working in conjunction with the AL Shabaab as a matter of principle as reported in the VOA. Clan leaders and local communities blame the Al Shabaab for their woes. Who wouldn't!!!

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